Delivering premier long-term junior golf instruction so kids can grow and excel at golf.

Best Putt Forward Academy

Our goal is to bring the highest quality instruction turning young students into committed, proficient, and accomplished golfers.

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Welcome to Best Putt Forward Golf Academy a Junior Golf Program! Using the Operation 36® model, our mission is to provide a 15 year golf development plan for your junior golfer to take them as far as they want in the sport. We are growing the growing and expanding to three new facilities in 2019. Depending on the facility, we offer two class types. One class forces long term on a young student who's growing their love and experience of the game of golf. The other class focuses on young golfers whom are already proficient and want to increase their mastery of the game.

Current Programs and Their Locations

Mount Si Golf Course
Snoqualmie, Wa

The Mt Si Program is the original facility and was initiated in December 2017.

Available Programs
  • Junior Academy Program | 7-18 years of age
  • High School Accelerator Program | 8th-12th grade
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The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge
Snoqualmie, Wa

Ridge 36! This program is specifically designed for members at The Club at Snoqualmie.

Available Program
  • Junior Academy Program | 7-18 years of age

Willow Run Golf Course

Redmond, Wa

We are in the process of working through the details to get the program up and running. We want to ensure this is a high quality program and sometimes it takes time. If you're interested please contact us and when the program kicks off we will let you know.

EPEC Dealer

We are now an EPEC Golf Certified Seller.

After seeing these clubs perform for our students and the reduced cost of ownership to parents, we feel EPEC is improving the kids clubs industry. These high quality clubs are perfect for our students or any junior. The benefit is as your junior grows rather then buying a new set you turn them in to get re-shafted and re-weighted. You will save $100 or more each year! We will do a fitting just call or email to get started even if your not a student of ours.